Exploring the Innocent Archetype

Explore the Innocent Archetype and her shadow to manifest more of her gifts in your life.

Self-awareness is the greatest liberator. When you understand why you act in a certain way, you can have a new level of insight and compassion for yourself. This gives you freedom. It is freedom to switch off the autopilot. You can choose to something different, act in a way that is coherent with your current aspirations in life.

If you feel you’re stuck in a rut, it’s time to find out what beliefs drive your life. One way to do that is through archetypes.

Archetypes are universally known repeated patterns of human experience. These themes are known to all of us. The word Archetype in origin mean symbolic pattern.

By exploring the archetypes, we open ourselves up to being more of ourselves. Think of yourself as a big mansion house. Behind the door of each room is a wonderful gift you can bring to the world. We are taught how to act and we learn how to fit in and be acceptable. This process of socialisation happens to us as children. In your life you may have unconsciously closed off doors to your many gifts. The corridors may have lots of cobwebs as you’ve forgotten they were there, but soulful creativity allows you to go and find your gifts.

On this journey we delve into the Innocent Archetype and her goal of happiness. The Innocent Archetype embodies sincerity and is always truthful. They inspire people to do good. If you need to start a new project, you need to access the faith and trust of the Innocent to get you started. We will examine the pitfalls of this Archetype which are denial and also becoming dependent on others to fulfil their tasks. The Innocent's gifts are sense of wonder, trust, faith and optimism. This journey will support you to enrich your life with these gifts.

Our mind communicates through words. Our souls communicate through pictures.

This is an opportunity for you to work at a deeper level and reclaim your many gifts.

You need paper and whatever art materials you want to work with. Give yourself the freedom to make marks and express yourself. It is not an art class and you won’t need to show anyone your creation. This is an individual process of exploration.

Feel safe, express yourself fully and allow the transformation.

This is a safe circle space for self-exploration. You can share insights. Your insights may support another woman to connect with her truth. This is a co-creation.

There will be an opportunity to release yourself from limiting beliefs and change your life.

Over three sessions we will explore one archetype together and how that manifests or is hidden in your life. You will be able to awaken new aspects of yourself, new gifts and richness in your life.

Your Instructor

Sarah Nicholson
Sarah Nicholson

The words ‘personal development’ are in my core, like a stick of rock. I have always challenged myself and supported others to develop and grow.

I’m not shiny and new out of the box, I have been living life. Traveling, learning new skills and finding out how to look after myself better. Life has brought me traumas and challenges and these have shaped me. I’ve experienced PTSD and burnout. My existing strategies didn’t support me, so I had to find a new better way of living and being.

I bring to you years of personal development work with coaching and creativity. This beautiful combination will unlock wisdom in your life as it has done for me. We are friends traveling on life’s journey. It is an honour to be traveling with you.

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