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In this safe space we will journey; this is an inner exploration which will support you to be more intimate with yourself. Creativity is the doorway we use to access your inner values, thoughts and beliefs. You will

  • Unlock the wisdom of your life
  • Deepen the relationship to self
  • Become intimate with who you are


Are you too busy, on the brink of overwhelm?

Do you feel empty inside, an inner neglect?

Do you need time to relax and reconnect with yourself?

Do you want to:

  • Get out of chaos?
  • Get clear?
  • Get power and create the life you want?

You are at the right place at the right time. I completely understand. There’s something you need to know...

The intimacy we long for with someone else is the intimacy we crave with ourselves.

This self-exploration process is a success path. If you commit time to this process you will

  • See the positive in life
  • Be compassionate with yourself in all that you do
  • Understand the wisdom of your life
  • Be able to access your creativity
  • Access your intuition
  • Regain your core confidence
  • Get clear on the direction for your future
  • You will become intimate with who you are - not what you are!

“This is a restoration of your base

Your core ground”


Session 1: The FIRST WEEK of the month

Session 2: The SECOND WEDNESDAY of the month 4 -5.30pm

Session 3: The THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month 4 – 5.30pm

Session 4: The FOURTH WEDNESDAY of the month 4 – 5.30pm


As a member, you have access to the Membership Site 24/7. This means you can use what you want when it suits your schedule. If you can’t make a Live Zoom session you can watch the recording through the week.

The community in the Facebook Group is there to support your transformation. I encourage you to share your experiences and get support from the other members. Your Discover Your Truth Tribe are here for you!

In the Zoom Live coaching sessions we come together as group of women who support each other on this inner journey. The online membership site will host information for the sessions each month.

Session 1: Access the membership area and work on a topic on your own. Some of the topics are listed below. If you want, you can share your creation and insights in the private Facebook Group.

Session 2: Zoom Room. Relaxation, centring after we will open the 2 topics for the month

Session 3 and Session 4: Creativity, celebrate your uniqueness. Powerful questions will support your inner exploration. After there is an opportunity to share your learning and insights. Your awakening is witnessed without judgement. This is a safe space to open and share. By connecting with other women, we deepen our own insights. Together we support each other’s personal growth and self-acceptance.

The Commitment

To be a member of this group you need to need to agree to these commitments:

  • Total Honesty
  • Absolute Confidentiality
  • Uniqueness & Individuality
  • Phone off & not being disturbed

Total honesty with yourself is vital. When you take off the mask and you’re honest with yourself, you can make huge internal shifts in your awareness. This is the growth your soul is longing for.

Confidentiality means not sharing other people’s stories and their names. What happens in the group stays in the group. This is a safe space for women to come together and be raw and deeply honest with themselves. This rawness only happens if the container is safe. When women share their stories, they enable us to understand ourselves on a deeper level.

We are all unique and this is the wonderful part of being human. Our life experiences create our values and beliefs. You are perfectly you. Being part of the Soul Journey Membership Group allows you to explore who you are at your very core. When you step into circle on Wednesdays, you need to leave judgement and comparison at the door. There is no place for them in the circle, no judging yourself or others. No saying “it could have been better” because what you did was perfect. Celebrate your uniqueness and celebrate other’s individuality. If you want to pick up judgement and comparison, after the session, they will be at the door.

This is your special time for you. This is your sacred time. Make sure you will not be disturbed. Do not bring your phone in to the sacred space, have a digital detox for an hour or an hour and a half. If you can’t do that, then think about whether this is the right time for you to step into circle. Honour what’s right for you. Information will be in the members area. You can be creative at a time that suits you in the month.


How you want to create is up to you. I suggest you use images as much as possible rather than writing. When we create, we use our subconscious brain. Being creative allows us to find out our subconscious belief systems, these are the software that are running our lives.

You do not have to show your creation to anyone. This is not an art exhibition or a talent competition! No one needs to know what your picture looks likes. No one is going to judge your artistic ability. This creation is for your soul. It is a way to find out who you are – it’s not about your job, it’s not about your roles (daughter, mother, sister, volunteer, activist).

You can use paint, pencils, collage, textiles, whatever you want. You will have an hour to create in Sessions 3 & 4. After we will have a chat and share our experiences and insights.

This is personal development, but it isn’t pushing to “feel fixed” or “get better”. This is the feminine way, we relax and open, allowing insights to flow into us, opening us to new levels of understanding.

Listen to your heart.

Is time for you to create a deeper relationship to yourself?

Your Instructor

Sarah Nicholson
Sarah Nicholson

Sarah designs courses for UK and international clients. She manages the delivery of face to face and digital programmes, continuously refreshing content and producing new products.

A learning and development professional with over 20 years’ experience as a facilitator, coach and teacher, Sarah specialises in attitudinal change with individuals. Nurturing development, freedom and empowerment in people as a coach and energy healer. Throughout her work she values authenticity, growth and personal energy.

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